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10 True Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein
Almost everyone living in this world knows about Albert Einstein. He was a renowned physicist. The general public mostly knows him for the most famous equation of this world. Which is: E=mc2. Today, we will learn 10 true facts about him that you guys probably didn't know.

1. Parents were worried when he was in his childhood

Parents were quite worried about baby Albert after he was born. As his head was quite fatter than other baby heads. he even started to speak late. He was able to speak until he was 3 years old. Even though being different than other babies he surprised the world with his intelligence in his future years.

2. Citizenships

He was born in Germany. That made him German citizen by birth. But at the of 17, he renounced his German citizenship and moved to Switzerland. The main reason behind this activity was his pacifism. 'Pacifism' means opposition to war, militarism and violence. By renouncing his German citizenship he could avoid military service.…
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Why WAR?It was the beginning of the 20th century. It was the dawn of the modern civilization. Men had already climbed unimaginable heights in that time. Everything was going well for the world. So now the question is, "WHY WAR?". According to some historians, the war was inevitable. During that period of time, there were large Empires. So these empires wanted to grow their land. So what really made these empires clash against each other?

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It was built for the Pharaoh who was known as KHUFU. It was completed around 2560 BCE.  It is the only pyramid in Egypt which is eight sided. It remained the tallest structure in this world for over 3800 years. It consists of 2.3 million stone blocks.
In the past it reflected the sunlight as it was covered with highly polished limestone. We can't see these casing stones today because they fell off because of an earthquake in the 14th century.

Long Unsolved Mystery
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